Sarasota Event Photographer


Sarasota Event Photography

Carlla Juffo is a professional event photographer based in Sarasota, Florida with 10 years of event photography experience. She has covered Sarasota galas, society events, fashion week, art openings, celebrity events, corporate conferences, corporate speaking and meeting coverage, tech conferences, charity balls, parties, and pretty much everything!

Sarasota is a vibrant, expressive place and your event photographer should be the same!  Carlla Juffo Photography will expertly use flash and lighting to make event photography images that are flattering, creative, and exceptional.   

Clients she works for present and in the past are:

  • Family Beautiful Magazine

  • Sarasota Film Society

  • Michael’s on east

  • The Devin

  • Ritz Carlton

  • L’Core SPA Sarasota

  • Mojos Real Cuban

  • The Rosemary

  • Sacks Fifth Avenue

  • Cassariano Italian eatery

L’core SPA Sarasota Grand Opening party

L’core SPA Sarasota Grand Opening party